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Friday Favorites: November November 8, 2013

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Here are a few of  my favorites from this month that I wanted to share with you.


For anyone who needs a laugh…

In this hilarious collection of tweets, a word has been added to each title to completely change the meaning. Cases in point: I Kissed Carbon Dating Goodbye, The Taco Shack, Blue Like Jazz Hands. I promise you’ll laugh. Add a Word, Ruin a Christian Book. Plus, here’s a link to some mocked-up covers with new titles: Add a Word Covers

 ff oct6


For all romantics—practical and otherwise…

Ann Voskamp says, “True love isn’t found. It’s carved.” Why There Really Are No Blurred Lines

 ff oct2


For people who love an actual book…

This artist has created one-of-a-kind bindings for classic books. They’re not so much books as works of art, or in his words, “literary artifacts.” Bindings for Classic Books



For lovers of nature and/or photography…

These are the contest winners for National Geographic’s traveler photo contest. Breathtaking. Outdoor Scenes Contest

ff oct4


For anyone who thinks the English language is hard…

Why say it in a sentence when you can squeeze it all into a 63-letter word? Here’s a list of really long German words and their definitions: Eight Ridiculously Long German Words


ff oct5


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