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Would You Buy a One-Way Ticket to Mars? July 26, 2013

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Here’s the opening of an article I wrote for Christianity Today’s her.meneutics site this week about a rather unlikely combination of topics: a Mars expedition, the desert fathers, and commitment.



Wanted: Adventurous individuals who are willing to settle new lands, survive in harsh conditions, subsist on few resources, and—quite possibly—make history.


Our generation’s version of Lewis and Clark‘s transcontinental expedition or Magellan’s seafaring journey has its charts set for a previously uninhabited planet: Mars. What once would have been a plot for a sci-fi flick is now a job opening.


The Dutch company Mars One is currently accepting applications for a mission to Mars…with a big catch. This trip requires applicants to sign on for a one-way ticket.


You can read the rest of the article here: Who Would Buy a One-Way Ticket to Mars?


One Response to “Would You Buy a One-Way Ticket to Mars?”

  1. Nancy Rische Says:

    One way tickets are always scary to a person who by nature doesn’t like change. I am always praying I will be willing to move when the opportunity arises.

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