Stephanie Rische

Stubbing My Toe on Grace

Sweet Sundays, Part 3 April 9, 2013

For the first time this Easter, it struck me just how many key events of the Christian faith are crammed in the span of a single week.


Holy Week starts with a bang on Palm Sunday, replete with a triumphal entry and jubilant hosannas. The next few days are filled with action—tables are turned, miracles are witnessed, final teachings are delivered.


Then comes Maundy Thursday in all its drama…a foot washing, a supper steeped in meaning, a wrenching betrayal, prayers of agony in a garden.


Close on its heels is Good Friday, with the dark march toward Golgotha, nails pounded into flesh, the rending of a curtain.


Then, after a whirlwind of a week, Saturday comes. And with it…silence.


At the close of Salvation Week, as with Creation Week, God rested.


It is finished.


No more striving.

No more scurrying.

No more trying.

It is finished.


Even in the busiest week of the church calendar, Jesus took a day of rest.



There was nothing more he could do to add to the completed work of grace on that silent Saturday. So I wonder…what kind of audacity leads me to think there’s more I must do?


Let us rest in the completeness of that perfect day of rest.


It is finished.


{For more on my Sabbath musings, see this post and this post.}


4 Responses to “Sweet Sundays, Part 3”

  1. Marilyn Kitchell Says:

    great post ..   yes, we need to, and should rest …. thanks Steph.

  2. Thanks for the note, Marilyn! I still have a long way to go on this journey, but it’s a start.

  3. Nancy Rische Says:

    i am reading 24/6 and trying to see what God wants to say to me about the Sabbath. I love the picture of how even during Holy Week God rests.

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