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Once Upon a Time, I Wore a Pretty White Dress… August 14, 2012

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One year ago today, my dad walked me down a tree-lined aisle toward a little clearing, where all the people I loved most were singing an a cappella version of “Be Thou My Vision.”

I knew, in theory, that the wooden arch ahead of me had been lovingly draped with tulle and calla lilies by my family. I knew that Pastor Tim was standing at the front with his trusty Bible and a smile on his face. I knew that somewhere in the front row my mom was bawling and that Grandma was snapping roll after roll of pictures.

But I couldn’t see any of that. I could only see one thing: the vision of my handsome groom standing at the end of the aisle. He was beaming so wide I thought the grin would burst off his face. And he was looking right at me.


Whenever I was asked before the wedding, I assured people that I wasn’t the crying type, and I was confident I wouldn’t need my waterproof mascara. But the moment my eyes locked on my husband-to-be, I was overcome with all the meaning wrapped in that single moment—how it was the culmination of so many hopes and prayers, how God had given me much more than I’d been asking him for, how all the waiting had been worth it.

As I looked at Daniel’s face, I told myself, Freeze this moment. Take a mental picture right here, right now. Never forget this.



Since that day, Daniel’s love has continued to give me new insight into the way God loves his bride. It’s not an obligatory love; it’s a love that is basked in delight.


The Lord delights in you

and will claim you as his bride….

Then God will rejoice over you

as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride.

—Isaiah 62:4-5


God’s love, in other words, beams so wide it is liable to burst off his face.

If you are doubting today whether God loves you, lift up your head and look at his face. He is standing there at the end of the aisle, just waiting for you walk toward him. See the delight in his smile, and know that he rejoices over you.

You are his beloved, and he has eyes only for you.


I’ve taken the challenge of reading the Bible chronologically this year and tracing the thread of grace through it. These musings are prompted by my reading. I’d love to have you join me: One Year Bible reading plan.


17 Responses to “Once Upon a Time, I Wore a Pretty White Dress…”

  1. Dan Elliott Says:

    Happy Anniversary, Stephanie and Daniel!

  2. alice Teisan Says:

    Thanks for showing me such a clear picture of the love our Beloved Lord has for us. I want to be the bride who can only see His shining face. Just imagine how big God’s smile must be. It seems hard to believe it could get much bigger than Big D’s in those pictures but indeed He is the One who gifts beyond our comprehension.

    Happy Anniversary to 2 of my favorite people. Thanks for sharing that love with me.

  3. John Diggle Says:

    beautiful – I’m crying again…


  4. Nancy Rische Says:

    Love is such and amazing thing. It is also amazing to see God work His plans. Blessings to both of you as you continue to grow together in God’s love and work out His plans.

  5. So lovely.
    p.s.- your tag line is fantastic.

  6. Stephanie!
    A delayed posting of my sweet appreciation for you my wife! Thanks for the post! I Love You!

  7. Beautiful!! Awesome comparison. Thanks!

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